What is Intrinsic Motivation?


Creating a culture driven by intrinsically motivated people is critical to the success of every organization.  In order to address the issue, you must first define, “What is Intrinsic Motivation?”


Interest in the topic of intrinsic motivation has been growing over the past decade as we learn more about what research is discovering.  Intrinsically motivated people are critical to successfully address issues faced by our world, our workplaces, our education systems, and individual performance.  Yet, there is a shortage of tangible models about how to  intrinsically motivate people within organizational structures to solve problems.

Intrinsic Motivation starts with the nature of each individual.  It is the internal hard-wiring that provides each person with a personal filter that underlies how you naturally function, communicate, and collaborate with others the way they do.  Discovering one’s nature leads to self-actualizing reality of the whole person.  When one’s intrinsic motivations are congruent with how their talent, they develop genuine strengths and where they will find their greatest satisfaction.  If one’s intrinsic motivations are incongruent with their life or work, they will likely experience more frustration, burn-out, and conflict.

Additionally, research strongly indicates that there are three requirements to foster the intrinsic motivation within people.

  • Autonomy:  Self-determination in how you live.  The focus is on the ability to determine how one lives and works.
  • Mastery:  Self-demonstration of true talent.  The focus is on the ability to demonstrate competency.
  • Purpose:  Self-involvement with others.   The focus is on the ability to relate to others in shared purpose.

Intrinsic motivation begins with the awareness of understanding of your nature, your innate wiring. This becomes the foundation of character, personality, and personal identity.

This strategic management model starts with discovering the nature of the intrinsic motivation within each person. Second, it considers the culture in which the team is expected to perform. Third, it defines and educates participants on the three roles resident in every organization that enhances autonomous, creative and productive organizations. Fourth, it aligns communication and processes throughout the organization. Finally, it properly positions management and provides effective training that fosters success.

My mission is to ‘help organizations create a culture of success through intrinsically motivated employees.”  Learn more about this model for your organization by contacting me.